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Human Resources Information Systems Assistant

Case Management, Business Continuity, Audit and Staff Relations Assistant

Diversity and Young Professionals Program (YPP) & Internship Coordinator

Senior system analyst

Manager, Agribusiness Development Division

Division Manager Agriculture Research, Production and Sustainability

Chief climate finance officer

Principal Finance Administration and Resources Management Officer

Chief Water Finance and Private Sector Investment Officer

Assistant to chief economist/vice-president for economic governance and knowledge management

Chief information technology auditor

Principal land officer

Chief of protocol & division manager, privileges & immunities and diplomatic missions

Senior country risk officer

Principal Evaluation Officer

Chief Quantitative Risk Officer

Principal Investigation & Forensic Accountant

Senior Investment Officer / Clean Cooking Specialist

Senior Energy Economist

Division Manager, civil society and community engagement

Senior civil society engagement capacity building officer

Chief energy statistician and research specialist

Client service delivery officer corporate and human resources services

Principal evaluation capacity development officer

Regional information technology (IT) coordinator

Chief Legal Counsel – Private Sector Operations

Audit Assistant

Senior contracts management officer

Chief Evaluation Officer

Chief private sector and blended finance investment officer

Chief risk sharing facility investment officer

Principal Public Private Partnership Investment Officer

Senior Civil Society Officer

Principal gender monitoring and evaluation results officer

Principal youth employment officer

Principal Legal Counsel – Administrative Affairs

Senior Legal Counsel - Private Sector Operations

Principal business continuity officer

Regional Principal Legal Counsel – Private Sector Operations

Principal Treasury Officer