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Job Opportunity at Radar Recruitment, Development Coordinator

Main Responsibilities    

-To follow the registration trials in coordination with Research Institutes and TPRI to ensure they are done accordingly to the protocols and registration requirements
-Keep relationship with TPRI for all registration issues and other tasks as requested by the Development Manager from time to time (import permits, renewal of registration, etc.)
-Contribute to the registration process, from the dossier to the final registration
-Contribute to portfolio development plant by identifying and suggesting new market opportunities

Technical Support:
-Coordinate demonstration / commercial trials done by Sales team within Tanzania (protocols, implementation, data collection and presentation), especially (but not limited to) for product launch
-Provide technical support to the Sales team and to Customers
-Contribute to technical and market positioning of the products
-Contribute to marketing materials production (brochure, PPT, etc.)
-Assist the sales team for customer complain management (restricted to the technical field)

Demand creation to some key end users (especially in horticulture, large scale farms, etc.)
Qualifications     Agriculture and crop protection
Requirements     Proactive and organized, you are able to work independantly with a capacity to report to your line manager.
IT Skills     Computer literacy is compulsory
Experience     You have a BSC in agriculture with a minimum of 3 years of experience in Crop protection you have good communication skills in English and kiswahili (compulsory).

You have also proven your high capacity to drive on tarmac and rough road as the job will make you drive to remote areas.