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NAFASI ZA KAZI BUNGENI - Parliamentary Service Commission

The Parliamentary Service Commission is an independent Constitutional Commission established under Article 127 of the Constitution of Kenya. The Commission is responsible for inter-alia -

(a)    providing services and facilities to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of Parliament; 

(b)    constituting offices in the parliamentary service, and appointing and supervising office holders;

(c)    preparing annual estimates of expenditure of the parliamentary service and submitting them to the National Assembly for approval, and exercising budgetary control over the service; 

(d)    undertaking, singly or jointly with other relevant organisations, programmes to promote the ideals of parliamentary democracy; and

(e)    performing other functions –
       (i)    necessary for the well-being of the members and staff of Parliament; or
       (ii)    prescribed by national legislation.

In preparation for the 12th Parliament which will commence in August 2017, the Parliamentary Service Commission seeks to recruit qualified individuals to fill the following vacant positions in the Parliamentary Service -

Download attachments: Advertisement_for_External_Vacancies.pdf PSC_Job_Application_Form_1_J.pdf